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Ulrich Metz: "It amazes and delights me again and again how much people are enthusiastic about JOYA and how they are fascinated by the positive effect of JOYA products for body and soul.

I'm often asked how the idea of JOYA came up and the answer is relatively simple: the original idea I developed out of their own health needs. Severe pain in the musculoskeletal system could be relieved by a very firm massage, but was extremely tiring for the masseuse. After a short time the helping hands ached. I wondered if this kind of massage tool could help, that would be easy for the masseur and I would be able to use it any time for an effective self-massage.

The result is our JOYA Massage Roller Classic. Since its invention in 2004, it found many friends around the world. If we have convinced you as a customer you would recommend JOYA and take your friends on the island of relaxation."


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