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The CUPE heroes and heroines are here to give you superpowers! CUPE provides powerful sex toys for men and women and sends them on a fantastic journey to experience new adventures in their sex lives. Get to know Lusty Lady, who shows you the path to more intense orgasm or go on a trip with Dr. Deep to the undiscovered shores of anal pleasure! Don't be shy and experience out of this world stimulation!

The products are especially designed for people who are new to sex toys and want to start their own adventure, discovering sensations they never thought possible.

The superhero characters and playful design of CUPE make these toys the perfect present for a partner or friend. The high-quality material and ergonomic shapes provide an individual and powerful way to explore anal, clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The CUPE superhero team is always ready to power up your time alone or to make sex extra explosive!


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