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Zolo - Cup Deep Throat

Код продукта: E24554
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: 0.136 kg
EAN – Штрих-код: 726633974470
Внешний почтовый ящик (info): 48 шт.
Внутреннее поле (info): -

Zolo - Cup Deep Throat

Gag reflex will never prevent you from getting delectable oral pleasure with the Deep Throat Zolo Cup. Ergonomically shaped to give you the perfect grip, the Deep Throat Zolo Cup features a ribbed inner channel and comes with motion lotion to re-create a satisfying blow job. Control the tightness of the Deep Throat by adjusting suction using the simple pressure from your fingertips.

- The best oral sex you will ever have
- Realistic deep throat feeling
- Experience intense sensations
- With motion lotion for ultimate pleasure
- Life like canal
- Great for travel

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