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Fun Factory - Ohhh Box

Code article: E31242
Prix à l’unité : € [ Login ] (excl. TVA)
Prix public conseillé: € [ Login ] (incl. 21% TVA)
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Poids: 1.42 kg
EAN - Barcode: 4032498807171
Boîte externe (info): -
Boîte interne (info): -
Rechargeable: Oui, USB

Fun Factory - Ohhh Box

- Sundaze
- Volta
- Be·One
- Toyfluid and Cleaner

- Strong message – two names that get stuck in customers heads
- Boxes will fit to all kinds of sales environments, no explicit photograpy
- All elements on the boxes come in UV-varnish and with embossing for a high end look and feel – this helps create a luxury shopping experience inside the store.
- Gift sets make a sale easier. Consumers see many, many choices both in stores and online, which creates confusion during the decision-making process.
- One, highly profitable sale in €, instead of 5 individual ones and consumer saves as well some €
- A stunning gift box will encourage people to take a picture of themselves with the package and post it online, even mentioning the store where they bought it
- Can be used after Christmas period as well because of the generic design

- A simpler shopping experience. Customer is getting a complete bundle with a few hand picked items, all packaged in a striking way.
- Well-designed and curated gift sets create a positive feeling and an unforgettable experience.
- Great value for money - the box offers a 20% net saving for the customer on high end, luxury products.

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