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Obsessive is a producer of sexy lingerie for women. Obsessive is one of the most recognizable brands of erotic lingerie in Europe. Prized with many Consumer Awards and rewarded with the title of the Luxury Brand Obsessive is fulfilling imaginations and dreams of thousands of customers in 40 countries of world.

Agnieszka and Tomek Szpila - they created Obsessive in 2006. Known on all continents for their sexy lingerie for women. Their story became the inspiration and an idea for the Obsessive brand, products and spirit.
From the very beginning, Obsessive is a brand for couples, created by couples with couples in mind.

Obsessive is not just sexy lingerie. We know that with every Obsessive box, you can feel the connection, love and desire. That is why they set themselves the goal - fighting boredom and routine. Every day, they inspire, have fun and strive to make other people love, open to their needs, break down barriers. Obsessive believe that together is better.

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