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Drop Shipping – A Service of Eropartner Distribution

What is drop shipping?
Drop shipping is a process in which you sell products without keeping goods in stock and ship orders yourself. The shipment received by the customer includes no bill of lading, invoice or anything else to identify elements of Eropartner. After your customer purchases a product from you, you place an order with Eropartner. During the ordering process, you have the opportunity to choose for the drop shipping service, and you can enter the customer’s shipping information directly into our database. Then Eropartner ships the product to the customer that same day, without any further effort on your part.

What are the advantages of drop shipping?
Drop shipping offers a number of advantages. The following table lists some of the major advantages of drop shipping:

Shortest delivery time:    With drop shipping, you can offer your customers the fastest delivery. Because we send the shipment to your customer the same business day, delivery is at least one day faster than if the product had to be sent to you first. Faster turnaround means greater customer satisfaction, as well as a greater chance of repeat business with the customer.
No need to keep goods in stock: You do not need to keep a single product in stock, which means that at all times your company will continue to operate in a financially sound manner.
No time spent packing and shipping: Because we pack the shipment for you, print labels and transport the shipment to the transporter, you can devote all of your attention to the most important aspects of the sales process.
Shipments are traceable:    Eropartner scans every package before shipment. The package can then be tracked via track and trace information from the transporter.
Continuous operation during your holiday:   You can feel free to take those much-needed weeks on holiday, without having to be at your company to ship orders.

What are the costs involved with drop shipping?
Along with the standard shipping and handling charges, there is an additional charge of €3.50 for the drop-shipping service. For this price, the order is packed in a blank cardboard box (in packing paper, when required), the package is sealed with transparent adhesive tape, a label is printed and affixed to the package, and finally the shipment is sent via the transporter.

At this time, packages can only be sent to addresses to every country in Europe.

  • Packages are delivered with a signature to confirm delivery and cannot be left with a third party on the customer’s behalf.
  • Eropartner can not be held responsible for any errors or faults on the part of the transporter.
  • Drop shipping involves only the packing and sending of orders. Any additional activities, including contact with the customer, and dealing with any eventual defects or cancellations, are carried out by you.
  • In the event that the customer is not available to take delivery, and the package is not picked up from the post office, the package will be returned directly to Eropartner. You are solely responsible for initiating contact with the customer. Any extra costs incurred will be charged to your company.
  • All products are generally in stock at all times. In the unlikely event that a product is unavailable, the order will be sent the moment the product once again becomes available.