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Sportsheets - The Sportsheet King Size

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Sportsheets - The Sportsheet King Size

Almost 20 years ago the Sportsheet Bondage Bed Sheet revolutionized bedroom bondage play. Like any fitted bed sheet, the Sportsheet Bondage Bed Sheet covers your mattress. It instantly transforms any bed into a bondage tool. The fitted sheet is constructed of a velvety Velcro compatible fabric that is soft and comfortable enough to leave on your mattress all year round.

The set includes four Sportsheets anchor pads with Velcro backing which stick to any part of the Sportsheet. Utilize the four Sport Cuffs that are also included to restrain any or all of your partner’s limbs. The anchor pads securely lock onto the sheet fabric and cannot be easily pulled off by force, but neatly peel away in an instant from any of its corners.

Versatile enough for waterbeds. Machine wasable. Bed sheet has four straps that secure under mattress. A great addition to any bed-linen set. Heavy-duty anchor pads adhere anywhere on the sheet. You won't believe how strong they are. Easy peel action allows you to put your partner in new positions.

Includes one Soft Velcro compatible fitted bed sheet, four Velcro anchor pads, four Neoprene Sport Cuffs and one product DVD.

Size: 182,88 x 213,36 cm

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