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Mystim - Bal(l)zac

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Mystim - Bal(l)zac

Very honourable, Mr. Bal(l)zac!

Jackpot with extra cream: this extra-long dildo is an invitation to spoil yourself or your partner, both vaginal and anal. The smooth metal glides sensuously over your skin while you insert ball after ball. The strong curves themselves are already enough for an increasing excitement, giving you new lustful pleasures with every little move you make. The stimulation is strongest at the point that is stimulated with the thickest part of the balls.

E-Stim (optional)
The only slightly curved, smooth aluminium can be inserted easily and deep. Even more so, if you use a water-based lubricant. Bal(l)zac will literally electrify you. Depending on your setting you will either feel a soft tickle, a rhythmic pulse or a sensual thrust. Sounds like magic but is plain physics. The separation of the plus and minus pole already takes place within a few centimeters. To activate the poles, you will need an electrical device like Mystim Tension Lover or Mystim Pure Vibes.

Once Bal(l)zac gets going he will take you with him and it is totally up to you for how long you want to be spoiled by him. Enjoy the prickly, lustful sensation for hours and hours or vary the stimulation in a way, that quickly drives you to unbelievable climaxes – as you like it. And when you put Bal(l)zac on the heating before you play or cool it down in the fridge – it will make your sex life hotter than hell.

Only handmade: High-quality and hygienic medical aluminium, carefully polished and rounded off with an elegant plastic handle. We’re sure Bal(l)zaz will always come in handy.

Cleaning and care
Bal(l)zac is easily cleaned with just water and mild suds. In addition, you should regularly add a skin-friendly disinfection.
- And please be so patient to let it dry completely before your next enchantment, so it can work its unique performance on you for a long time.

- Type: dildo, e-stim optional
- Length 25 cm
- Diameter 3 cm
- Weight 530-540 g (with/without e-stim)
- Pole 2 (bi-polar)
- Colour: Metallic
- Made of hand polished medical aluminium
- Electrical device needed (only with e-stim)
- Connection via Mystim Plug
- Extra-long dildo with six bulgy and pronounced balls, e-stim is optional
- Ideally suitable for vaginal and anal e-stimulation.
- Can be warmed on the heating or cooled in the fridge before use.
- Made of high-quality and hygienic medical aluminium
- Easy cleaning with water and mild suds

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