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Europe Magic Wand - Genio Attachment

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Europe Magic Wand - Genio Attachment

Out of the box, the Europe Magic Wand comes with the original silicone head. A simple silicone cap with EVA foam on the inside. We call it Vintage Touch.

This is because the cap gives the most classic magic wand experience. It's the hood most faithful to the story and legacy of the Hitachi Magic Wand presented to American women over 40 years ago.

Genio and Genius are our iconic accessories that unfold their full potential when working with your body. They are developed together with experts in women's anatomy.

Silky Touch gives pure, raw vibrations wrapped in modern silky soft silicone. Silky Touch is our idea of a cap that offers vibrations as close to the legendary Vintage Touch as possible, only in a cleaning-friendly 100% silicon.

A brief overview of how the soft/solid surface is felt.
- Genio and Genius: solid
- Vintage Touch: soft
- Silky Touch: middle

Genio has several different surface structures and thicknesses. This provides an array of possibilities for stimulation. In addition, it is a cleaning-friendly alternative to the white standard silicone cap.

Genio is designed by a Scandinavian designer with a focus on functionality.

The design is minimalist and the material is of high quality, containing only silicone approved for medical use. The surface is soft as satin.

Genio is mounted directly on Europe Magic Wand's metal head after removing the supplied white silicone head. This provides the best transfer of vibrations.

- Designed to be a cleaning-friendly alternative to the standard cap.
- Made of pure silicone, and phthalate free.
- Surface: soft as satin.
- Weight: 190 g.

Even more options for your Europe Magic Wand - 100% Silicone

Several different surface structures and softness gives your Europe Magic Wand even more possibilities. In addition, Genio is also more durable and easy to clean than the standard head.

A sea of stimulation
Genio is a living combination of surfaces. Unlike Vintage Touch, Silky Touch and Genius, all of which have completely smooth surfaces, Genio has something for every taste and occasion.

Textured and smooth. Curved shapes. Surfaces and edges. Genio has it all and is easily interchangeable. In combination with the 6 speeds and varying pressure of the handle, Genio will give you new opportunities for stimulation.

You may ?nd Genio most interesting at lower speeds where you can really feel the different surfaces, but don't hesitate to explore the deep intense vibrations found at higher speeds. Genio is made from solid silicone and vibrates very ef?ciently.

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