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Lovense - Mini Sex Machine White

Product Code: E35366
Dynamics Code: 317618
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Weight: 3.95 kg
EAN - Barcode: 6972677430289
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Lovense - Mini Sex Machine White

App-controlled Mini Sex Machine.
The Lovense Mini Sex Machine is a powerhouse with a compactsize and versatile adjustments for every user’s needs. Upgradedwith self-lubricating design helps reduce defective issues and improveuser experience (additional grease may be required after1-2 years of use).

Easier assembly and adjustment for users with 260 strokes perminute for pleasures (at minimum stroke length). Adjustablestroking length of 3 to 7.5cm for different penetrative needs. TheMini Sex Machine comes with Vac-U-Lock adapters that arecross-compatible for different kinds of dildos.

Powerful and quiet
260 strokes per minute with amaximum noise level of 60dB.

Available with any Vac-U-Lockcompatible attachment.

Easier assembly & adjustment
Three times as many users say the MiniSex Machine is "very easy to assemble."

70% lighter than the Lovense SexMachine, efficiently reducing shippingcosts.

Offers a variety of heights and anglesfor each position needed, with an adjustable stroke length of 3-7.5cm.

Product Specs:
· Dimensions: 534*252*292mm
· Materials? PC+ABS+GF10%+acrylic
· Gross weight? 3.2KG
· Adjustable angle? 33°
· Thrusting stroke length? 3-7.5cm
· Self lubricating design: Yes
· Dildo height: 8-27cm
· Power cable: 2.7m
· Control method: Control box knob + APP
· Dildo attachement method: Universal Vac-U_Lock interface

· Motor model: 523
· Signle operation life: 1200h
· Max stroke speed? 260 times/min
· Max noise level: 60dB

Packing Information:
Package size: 378*218*184mm
· Gross weight? 3.2KG
· Packing list:Packing InformationMain Body *1, Legs*2,Rod *1, Hex Wrench (3mm*1) (5mm*1),Dildo *1, Control Box *1, Power Supply *1, Power Plug *1,Universal Power Adapter *1(Not included in regions that use Type B power outlets.)

Heights & Angles:
· Doggy style - High horizontal + Upward angle
· Prone - Downward angle
· Missionary - Downward angle + Low horizontal
· Anal - Low horizontal
· Spooning - Low horizontal

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