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We would like to inform you that Je Joue is going to make a change in the products DUA and NUO. We will slowly start shipping these items with new buttons and remote control by App and they are going to remove the additional pen.

Item E22155, the heartwarming hot water bottle, is infringing a German Design Right (of Hugo Frosch). This design right is only valid in Germany.

This means that this article can no longer be sold to any German distributor, wholesaler, store or consumer. You will have to delete the product from your website(s). Even a photo of this product (with for instance the text ‘no stock anymore’ of ‘not available’) does infringe the German Design right.

If you decide to deliver this product in the future to German customers, all legal costs will be yours.

The design and price of item E22159 changed. Discover the new item here.

The prices of item E22982 changed. Check the new prices here.

Product E20297 will not be delivered with a pencil anymore.

Fukuoku massage gloves will no longer be sold as a 3-pack, the items can now be purchased per 1 piece.

Product E24865 used to be sold with a remote control. From now on, this remote control can be purchased seperately (E24859). The total price for the egg and remote control will stay the same.

The design and volume of item E22580 changed. Discover the new item here.

Ladyshape introduces a new packaging, including the bikini shaping tool, two razors and a waterproof storage pouch. You can find all new information, pictures and updated prices here after you login.

E24101 Progasm Classic Red is now Progasm Ice Red. The newest red Progasm has the same qualities as glass while remaining unbrakeable!

The design and price of item E22155 changed. Discover the new item here.

Item E23341 has a new packaging and decreased price. Discover the new item here.

An unexpected situation has arisen involving the squeezing of the Big Teaze Toys WaterWieners™ (items E23727, E23728, E23729) after they have been over heated in a microwave oven. Some users are squeezing them instead of replacing the WaterWieners in the holder right away. Big Teaze Toys has received a few reports that when the WaterWieners are squeezed this way, they have broken and the hot water inside the WaterWieners has gotten on the users. Big Teaze Toys has received no reports that any of the WaterWieners have broken when actually being used in the holder itself.

Although the item is safe to use as intended, and as of this date we have had no consumer complaints, Big Teaze Toys feels it's important to enhance our user instructions and warnings regarding heating of the item. It will no longer be recommended for WaterWieners to be heated in the microwave, but rather the instructions will say "DO NOT HEAT in a Microwave." Instead, the recommended warming method will be submersing the WaterWieners in a bath of hot water from your faucet in a sink or a bowl. This will create the very same enjoyable warmth the item was designed for, while greatly limiting the risk of misuse.

The package, videos, user guides and web site are being updated to reflect this change. This information will be very prominent and very clear.

Big Teaze Toys wants to confirm again for you that there is no harm in using the product as directed and intended, by placing the tubes directly into the housing after heating. This issue does NOT in anyway apply to VërSpanken™ or the FoamWieners™ tubes included with it.

As the item had some adjustments, the picture of E20113 changed.

Please note the box quantities for all LELO and PicoBong products have been changed. You will find the new box quantity on the page of the product. We will slowly start shipping boxes with this new quantity.

The cockrings of JNaja by Velv'Or now come in a new package for retail. Discover the new box here.

Product E22002 LoversPremium - Rose Petals Red now comes in a plastic box instead of organza bag. Discover the totally new and improved design here.

The content of product E20393 and E20394 changed from 245 gram to 302 gram. The price remains the same. New pictures can be found on our website.

Item E20258, E20843 and E22644 have new pictures as their packaging changed.

Items E22103 Viamax - Warm Cream 50 ml, E22105 Viamax - Sensitive Gel 50 ml and E22108 Viamax - Maximum Gel 50 ml have new pictures as the packaging changed.

Items E21865 Naughty Weekender Kit, E21873 Romantic Massage Kit and E21874 Romantic Essentials Kit from LoversChoice have a new packaging, pictures can be found on our website.

The pictures of the LoveCubes have been changed as the items are redesigned. Check item E20906, E20907, E20908 and E20909 on our website for the new packaging.

Fleshlight is in the process of transitioning their retail packaging from tins to a more flexible and visual box packaging. Retail customers will now be able to hang as well as shelve the products.

The first product line that they will be transitioning is the Fleshlight Girls line.

Product E22291 Gun Oil - Force Recon will now be sold in tubes of 100 ml instead of bottles of 120 ml. You will find the new (decreased) price after you login.

Item E22275 Fairy - Charge Draadloze Massage Wand now comes with the EU-charger included in the package (customers don't need to order the charger seperate anymore). This way, the standard price of the product has been changed. The charger (E22388) still needs to be ordered for item E22274 Fairy - Pocket Mini Massage Wand.

We've updated the pictures for all the products of Clone-A-Willy. Also, we now sell the molding powder seperately (item E22990).

The new LELO and PicoBong products are all available now and all (back-)orders will be shipped today.

The new LELO and PicoBong products will be available for shipment in Europe on the 30th of September at latest. Please feel free to send us your pre-order together with your actual order. Back-orders of LELO and PicoBong will be shipped for free right away once they are available.

Item E22727 will now only appear in the English version: Openhearted Sex Talk. The Dutch version is discontinued. A new picture will be online next week.

Unfortunately, Tenga decided to discontinue their Special Editions cups; Hard and Soft. This will effect item E21502, E21503, E21504, E21505, E21506, E21507 and E21508. We will keep selling the products until they are sold out.

Please note the box quantity for the following products of LELO have been changed: Liv, Gigi, Mona, Ina, Siri, Iris, Elise and Tor. You will find the new box quantity on the page of the product. We will slowly start shipping boxes with this new quantity.

It has been brought to the attention of B Swish that there was weakness in the silicone cord of product E21847 and E22527. B Swish has now resolved the weakness and Eropartner Distribution has a new stock available that will give you back the high quality B Swish is known for.

The range of XLsucker is now extended with two deluxe pumps: the Digital Penis Pump and the Automatic Penis Pump. The Digital Penis Pump has an high technology digital PSI reader with blue blacklight design and the Automatic Penis Pump features an handy automatic electronic trigger.

The assortment of Voulez-Vous will soon be completed. Next to the gift sets that are already online, Eropartner Distribution will start selling edible powder, massage oil, lubricant, desensitizing gel, stimulating gel and other products from this wonderful brand.

Lelo is now including a free 5 ml sachet of their Personal Moisturizer with every Lelo Pleasure Object. Not all products include this presently, but it will be implemented steadily over the coming months. There is no change in price, yet we recommend you increase your stock of Personal Moisturizer in the coming weeks to anticipate the increase in demand.