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Ref. E25563 E25566 E25561 Je Joue
The prices have been decreased by the brand.
Product will be delivered w/out pen.

Ref. E28658 Pornhub
The prices have been increased by the brand.

As the packaging changed, item E22453, E22454, E22455 and E22460 have a new price. The other Spanish Flies will be updated soon.

50 Shades items E24214, E24215, E24216 will from now on be delivered without the paper black/blue packaging, the items are now packed in a transparant pouch. Sales in shops have increased now that people can see the product.

DHL transport prices are updated.

PostNL transport prices are updated.

Prices of OLA by the brand Minnalife have been decreased.

Prices of the Massage Candles by the brand Voulez-Vous... have been increased.

Prices of the brand Key by Calex have been increased a little bit.

The design and price of item E20119 changed. Discover the new item here.

Discover the new and improved pictures of the brand Voulez-Vous here.

You are now able to download special banners for Valentine to promote the Nexus range on your website. They are available at Download Brand Media here.

The prices of some items of the brands Moodzz and Tease & Please have been decreased. These items are E21239, E22158 and E22159.

We are happy to inform you that during the busy Christmas season, Eropartner Distribution will be open every day like usual. This way, we can fully serve you with shipping your last-minute orders.

Please keep an eye on the following dates:

23 december: closed from 11.00 AM (orders placed before 11.00 AM will leave this day!)

26 december: closed (Christmas)

We hope you will experience great sales these weeks before the holidays!

Today we launched a new system for credits. When you have a credit, the credit will automatically be added when placing your order. This way our system will immediately calculate the total of your order. Please note the credit will only be given when the total of the order is higher than the amount of the credit.

Eropartner Distribution will now keep you updated using this weblog. Come back weekly for more information concerning changes in our assortment, prices and website or news about events and media.